Training services

Helping you to make the most of your mobile solution

Spirit offers a full range of training services. Our aim is to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your investment in the shortest possible time.

We believe that learning how to use your new enterprise mobility solution effectively plays a vital role in ensuring a successful implementation. Our high quality training programmes give you the individual attention you need when learning about a new system.

The training programmes we provide include:

Train the User

We train users of mobile solutions to ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence to operate the system effectively.

Train the Trainer

We provide tailored ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions, suitable for large-scale implementations.

Helpdesk Support Training

We offer initial and periodic training for your helpdesk support staff. We also provide troubleshooting guides in the form of flow charts and FAQ sheets.

Other popular programmes include Administration Training and Developer Training.

Making it easy for you

All participants in our training programmes benefit from:

  • The provision of easy-to-follow instruction sets, including troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions.
  • Appropriate multi-media and visual aids, tailored for your participants.
  • Training sessions that are held at times to suit you.