All-touch terminal emulation for Zebra Android devices

What is all-touch terminal emulation?

Zebra TechnologiesTerminal emulation (TE) enables a computer terminal to seem like another (often older) terminal so that it can access its programmes and apps. With legacy TE apps, this can often be a cumbersome and slow process. For instance, 35% of the display is often occupied by the legend for function code, and users need to navigate multiple menus, using many keystrokes.

With all-touch TE, the legacy ‘green screen’ apps are changed to next-generation HTML5 web apps (without the need for any coding and without having to modify the host). There’s support for multiple sessions and session persistence protects worker productivity.

What are the key benefits of all-touch TE apps?

They’re easier to learn and use. This can make a huge difference to businesses with a high employee turnover and a large number of temporary workers.

They’re quicker and simpler. They replace the cumbersome function code displays with intuitive touch-screen icons. Navigating is also much easier, with fewer keystrokes needed, reducing the time spent on each task.

They’re friendlier and more effective. With legacy TE, there’s no visual hierarchy of information, so it’s difficult to pick out the actionable information in lines of text. All-touch TE categorises all information in the header, footer or body, so that it’s much easier for users to find and use what they need.

The result is:

  • Less training time required
  • Increased order / inventory accuracy
  • Greater workforce productivity

This is why Spirit now provides all-touch terminal emulation for Zebra Android devices.

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Terminal Emulations