Solution review

Looking after your investment: both now and in the future

The average enterprise mobility solution has a lifecycle of at least five years, during which technology will inevitable develop and improve.

Solution reviewIt therefore pays to have an occasional review of the solution to ensure that it is as efficient and effective as possible. Simply adding new technology without understanding its impact on other parts of the solution can be very costly. You need to look at the whole picture - including the people and processes involved.

Spirit offers a comprehensive review of your enterprise mobility solution, which enables us to then recommend the changes and improvements that will be the best for your organisation.

Ultimately, our review is designed to bring you tangible benefits and savings. This includes increasing the reliability and effectiveness of your solution; boosting the productivity of your workforce; and increasing user satisfaction. The end result should be a greater return on your investment.

Download our Solution Review Datasheet.


Making the most of your solution

Our extensive, in-depth and independent review includes three main stages:

  1. Thorough preparation: Gathering together documentation on your mobile solution and preparing a plan of action for the actual review.
  2. A detailed review: Covers a wide range of aspects, including interviews with user groups; a comprehensive assessment of the systems involved in the mobile solution; and an exploration of the hardware, software and accessories being used.
  3. Expert recommendations: Analyse all of this information and produce a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations.

Our recommendations might include updating or upgrading hardware or software; the implementation / integration of new technologies; or the re-defining of working practices. Some of the specific ways in which we can help you with these changes include:

  • Technology refresh - Offer you additional discounts against the cost of new hardware when you trade in your old mobile computer or data capture assets.
  • Hardware disposal - Arrange for the safe disposal of your mobile computing hardware once your new system has been installed.
  • Software porting- Our experienced Software Development team can port any current applications across to your new mobile devices.