Service programmes

Helping you to maintain healthy equipment

Our service programmes help to minimise the likelihood of downtime on your equipment, saving you time, money and trouble.

Spirit is the authorised service centre for many major manufacturers, including Gotive, Honeywell, M3 and Motorola.

Features and benefits

The benefits of our service programmes include:

  • Guaranteed security
  • Peace of mind (even as products get older)
  • The avoidance of unexpected hardware breakdown costs
  • The assurance of using our quality-approved engineers
  • The convenience of knowing exactly who to call if you encounter a problem

We offer a wide range of highly competitive Service Programmes, which can be customised to meet your particular requirements.

  • All of our repairs are undertaken in-house
  • We use genuine manufacturer spare parts for repairing products to the original factory specification
  • All repairs are carried out by staff who are manufacturer-trained

Guaranteed repair turnaround times

We guarantee the maximum number of business days that any product spends in our Customer Care Centre before being repaired and returned to you. A one-off payment can also be made to guarantee a rapid repair when required.


RepairsStandard repair programme

  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs
  • A typical repair turnaround time of two to three weeks

Advance replacement programme

  • If a unit requires servicing, a fully configured replacement unit will be shipped to site overnight

Full cover programme

  • You can upgrade your service programme to cover physical damage to your product

Onsite maintenance programme

  • An engineer will visit your site to repair or replace the equipment

Application and configuration loading

  • Following repair, the equipment will be configured to your unique specifications

These Service Programmes can be purchased individually or as part of a combined package.

As part of our service, we provide a Service Report, which details all repaired projects. We monitor the performance of the hardware during the deployment and manage and support all stages of the project. We then generate reports that show the number and type of helpdesk calls and the product returns we receive from you.

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