Protect your data

Securing your investment

Data is an extremely valuable corporate asset and its integrity is paramount to any organisation.

Businesses must be able to secure their mobile deployment to ensure that any data saved on and transmitted to and from a mobile computer is fully protected. The key challenges in this area are:

  • To protect your data while controlling costs, complexity and usability.
  • To balance the ease of use of a device with the need for security of confidential data. 
  • To maintain visibility and control over your mobile assets, data and communication.

However, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the security needs of different organisations.

Designing a solution

Our mobile solution design services enable all of these factors to be comprehensively addressed and resolved:

  • We can develop enterprise mobility solutions that meet any internal IT or third party security policies.
  • This reduces the deployment time.
  • It also improves the solution’s Return on Investment, whilst maintaining data integrity.
Security applications


Sourcing the right products

Spirit supports the following security products:

1) NetMotion Wireless - This is the developer of Mobility XE, a software-only Mobile VPN that provides secure, reliable connectivity for enterprise wireless networking.

Mobility XE logo

  • Mobility XE enables an enterprise of any size to boost its productivity and improve customer service quickly and easily, using a wireless solution.
  • NetMotion MobilityTM software makes mobile computing a practical reality for enterprises of every type: from utilities and transportation through to public safety and healthcare and insurance and financial planning.
  • Mobility XE provides security, reliability and scalability, along with support for every type of wireless connection. Its optional Policy Management Module allows enterprises to control their costs, with fine-grain control over network traffic.

View the Mobility XE datasheet in pdf PDF format.

2)  Air Defense Wireless Intrusion Protection - This software provides protection against wireless threats and offers policy compliance monitoring, robust performance monitoring and location tracking.

View the Air Defense datasheet in pdf PDF format.

3) Mobile Device Management - An integral aspect of mobile device security is the ability to manage the devices whilst they are in the field. For example, if a unit is lost or stolen, device management software will enable you to lock it completely while you retrieve any data and then ‘kill’ the unit. This can all be configured automatically or carried out manually by an administrator. Please click here for more details.