Mobile Go Live!

Provisioning services that ensure your mobile solutions are ready for use

We offer a comprehensive service, Mobile Go Live!, a software installation and hardware configuration service for rugged mobile data capture devices.

Preparing mobile computers for deployment can be a time-consuming process. With our provisioning service, you can avoid the hassle and have complete peace of mind. We ensure that each rugged mobile computer is ready for use by your field workers as soon as they receive them.

Our team will work closely with you to determine your exact configuration requirements, which could include:


  • The installation of your mobile application software
  • SIM card installation and network connection
  • Memory card installation
  • Installation of a screen protector
  • Any specialist installations


  • The configuration of your specific application software
  • Asset label identification of your mobile computers
  • The charging and conditioning of all batteries to ensure optimum performance on delivery
  • The set-up of data formatting requirements
  • The loading of unique device configuration settings and security settings

Testing and packing

  • The testing of all hardware to eliminate any out-of-box failures
  • Powering up all equipment to check the hardware build, software, firmware and operating system revision and updating it accordingly
  • Carrying out a full soak test on all hardware and loading any special firmware
  • Kit packing the equipment and labelling it with the contents, delivery address and delivery date as required

We will hold your equipment in our Customer Service Centre until it is called forward for installation or delivery to your selected site.