Enterprise Mobility Management

Controlling your mobile devices

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) also referred to as Mobile device management (MDM) enables you to control and manage all of your mobile devices from a remote location.

If you want your mobile devices to provide you with improvements in efficiency, customer service and future cost savings, they must be managed properly. This means the effective management, support and security of evolving mobile field forces across diverse network topologies.

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Enterprise Mobility Management is invaluable if you:

  • Have a high number of geographically dispersed remote or field workers who use mobile devices
  • Need to monitor and track the devices and upload software or data remotely, across a diverse range of networks
  • Want your mobile devices to boost your efficiency, customer service and future cost savings whilst keeping your support costs as low as possible

Spirit provides a comprehensive EMM service. We can carry out upgrades, provide training and consultancy, and even host your EMM package for you.

Key features and benefits

Our comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management solution includes:

  • Asset management - you can now monitor your mobile devices easily and instantly, enabling you to identify and repair damaged units or resolve other hardware and software issues
  • Device provisioning - software updates and data can be deployed to your remote mobile computers in real time
  • Security - secures your devices against theft and unauthorised access and also ensures secure data transmission, minimising the chance of data being lost
  • Data synchronisation - device management enables you to synchronise files and folders (either on an ad hoc or scheduled basis) between your devices and a server
  • Location services - with device management, you can locate, track and gather information on your GPS-enabled devices.
  • Diagnostics - our tools enable you to carry out diagnostics of remote devices and identify potential issues in less than a minute
  • Alerts and reports - enables you to carry out detailed analysis of your mobile devices and of their performance in the field
  • Helpdesk tools - supports personnel powerful remote control and helpdesk tools for efficient diagnosis and problem fixing.

The benefits of EMM include:

  • Higher productivity – through minimised downtime; increased user adoption; reduced training and support time; and automated processes.
  • Time savings – EMM enables tasks such as application upgrades to be carried out remotely. The software also provides rapid access to a full asset history.
  • Cost savings – through a reduced need for multiple support teams to maintain your mobile deployment. EMM takes control of wireless expenses.

MEMM also enhances safety, improves the performance and control of mobile devices and enables you to track devices and monitor their status.

Added value from Spirit

Device management products are very powerful and feature-rich but Spirit has an in-depth understanding of mobile solutions. We can therefore add value, saving you both time and money, by:

  • Designing the optimum device management configuration for the maturity of your mobile solution
  • Installing and configuring the software needed to implement the design
  • Providing device management as a service, allowing you to benefit from reduced set-up costs and rapid, ongoing support - all for an affordable monthly fee

EMM 3rd Party solutions

A number of companies provide device management. The key players are Soti, Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Wave Link, Meraki, MSP and B2M. Spirit partners with these companies and has useful comparison tables that might help you in making a decision about the right solution for your company.

There are three basis levels of EMM:

  • BYOD (bring your own device). This is for personal devices that need access to corporate email. Device management ensures that corporate data remains secure.
  • Corporate Liable. This level includes both corporately and personally owned devices that access the corporate network. The EMM solution configures devices to optimise security.
  • Enterprise. This focuses on increasing efficiency beyond just email and configurations. It enables businesses to safely develop and deploy enterprise applications to managed devices.

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