Mobile Connect - Distribution and Warehouse Management

Mobile Connect™ is ideal for use with both small and large scale inventories and can be used for in-house, third party distribution or e-fulfilment. It supports multiple producer locations or multiple sites. Our software covers applications such as pre-receipt and receipt of goods, picking and packing products, storing, repackaging (if required), despatching the goods for delivery, stock taking, auditing, maintenance, security and safety. Our solutions lead to lower inventory holding costs and less cash tied up in unnecessary stock.

Software packages:ePoD / ePoC; Picking, Packing and Tracking; Asset Management; Stock Control; Inventory Management

Modules: Any / all, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Dashboard: Everything.

We are a Managed Services company – so a typical solution could include mobile hardware, software (including both applications and mobile device management software), and a hosted server environment. For hardware, we’ve formed partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers, so that we can always offer you the devices and accessories that are best for your company.

Mobile ConnectMobile Connect

Case Study - WH Bowker

Background – WH Bowker is a major UK and international transport service provider. It operates over 150 vehicles and 350 trailers. The company delivers goods to and from most destinations in the UK and Europe and provides 40,000m² of warehousing at its UK sites.

Requirement – WH Bowker wanted to create an application that would mobilise its warehouse management system in real time. This would remove manual processing and reduce human error.

What we did – Spirit provided a Windows Tablet client and web-based management portal, which is integrated with the warehouse management system to enable the import and export of data and scheduled jobs. The solution is fully scalable. WH Bowker has since used Mobile Connect in different areas of its business.

Benefits – Spirit’s solution has led to a reduction in paperwork; fewer manual errors (as the process is now automated); and less time needed to complete jobs. A lower human input combined with real-time updates has meant faster invoicing and improved response and performance times.

Case studies: Click here for more real-life case studies.

Voice directed software

In conjunction with BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, Spirit can now offer the latest voice-directed warehouse technology from Vocollect. Find out how voice technology can transform operations within a warehouse.




  • Market – Distribution & Warehousing
    • Application Description – Warehouse Management Application
  • No. of sites – 3
  • Integration – SQL Database
  • No. of mobile users – 30
  • Mobile Computer – Sumo ST390
  • Special features:
    • Goods receipt
    • Picking and packing
    • Pick check
    • X-Dock module
    • Mobile printing
  • Managed Service – Gold
  • Environment (Cloud/In-premise) – In-premise
  • Mobile Device Management – MobiControl

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