Mobile Connect - Postal and Courier

Mobile ConnectThis is mostly about proof of delivery and proof of collection. Applications include: live status reports on ETAs for customers and operations teams; individual parcel tracking with signature, date, time and location GPS stamp; automated customer emails; carding and management of re-delivery requests; ‘Nearly there’ features; cash sales options; real-time fleet / driver mapping (including locations, jobs and exceptions); warehouse management (including receiving parcels in depot, parcel checks, sorting and loading); parcels between vehicles, booking out, de-briefing and depot collections; trunking (container movement); printing of deliveries, collection receipts and end-of-day balances; and end-of-day reporting (vehicles, stock, health and safety, daily totals).

Software packages: Mainly ePOD / ePOC; Stock Control; Inventory Management.

Modules: GPS, sat nav, job management, task management, vehicle checks, customer surveys, mobile printing, RFID, lone worker, scanning, camera, watermarking, signature capture.

Dashboard: Everything except asset management and stock control.

We are a Managed Services company – so a typical solution could include mobile hardware, software (including both applications and mobile device management software), and a hosted server environment. For hardware, we’ve formed partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers, so that we can always offer you the devices and accessories that are best for your company.

Case study - Rapidity

Background – Rapidity has been providing printing and associated services for its clients since it began life as Printflow in 1986.

Requirement – The company wanted a new and reliable proof-of-delivery system for its printed materials.

What we did – Spirit provided a Windows Mobile HHT client and web-based management  portal. This provides Rapidity with up-to-date records of what it has delivered, when, where and to whom. The system is also able to exchange data with the company’s management information system (MIS). Customers can access the dashboard to view delivery details, the status of a job and any PoD / reports.



Benefits – Spirit’s solution has led to increased efficiency and reliability, reduced paperwork, and enhanced service levels for Rapidity’s customers.

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