Mobile Connect - Manufacturing

Spirit offers a wide range of software packages, modules and dashboard components for use by the manufacturing industry. Typical applications might include: shop floor data capture; inspections and quality control; covert marking of goods; warehouse management; asset and fleet management; work order management; field service; greater visibility and management of materials, parts and tools; and the elimination of delays caused by faulty instruments, poorly maintained rooms or insufficient stock.

  • Software packages: Job Management and Task Management (i.e. Work Order Processing); Picking and Packing; Goods Receipt; Stock Control; Inventory Management.
  • Modules: Any / all, depending on the customer’s requirements.
  • Dashboard: Everything.
Case studies

Download the case studies on clients in the Manufacturing industry, read all our case studies here.

We are a Managed Services company – so a typical solution could include mobile hardware, software (including both applications and mobile device management software), and a hosted server environment. For hardware, we’ve formed partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers, so that we can always offer you the devices and accessories that are best for your company.

Mobile Connect

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