Mobile Connect - Streamlining processes in leisure and entertainment venues

For any entertainment or leisure venue (e.g. theatres, concert halls, football stadiums, museums, art galleries etc.), one of the key priorities is customer satisfaction. This in turned is affected by the speed and efficiency of the venue’s processes. For instance, if customers are faced with long queues at ticket counters, this can act as a deterrent to further visits.

So how can venues ensure that their processes are fast, accurate and reliable? That’s where we come in. Spirit Data Capture specialises in mobile enterprise solutions – including devices with barcode scanning and image capture capabilities, and specialist software that will help to streamline a wide range of venue activities.

Here are just a few examples of how we could help you:

Help with tickets and vouchers

If your venue already has ticketing software, we can supply the mobile devices that will take your processes to the next level. For instance, we recently helped the Royal Opera House to speed up its front-of-house processes by sourcing and supplying Zebra MC40 mobile computers. These are being used in conjunction with the theatre’s Tessitura Network as a fast and accurate method for scanning tickets and vouchers. To find out more, take a look at the short video below or read the case study.

If you don’t have ticketing software, we can recommend the best software for your situation – and we can provide the most suitable handheld devices to use with the software.

Key benefits

  • Faster scanning of tickets and vouchers (including etickets and evouchers on mobile phones), leading to fewer queues
  • A reduction in the amount of paper involved
  • A quicker, easier and happier customer experience

Help at tills

Point of SaleWe can source and supply the best handheld mobile data capture devices, along with our flagship software platform, Mobile Connect™. Together, these can be used use to provide barcode scanning and Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solutions for tills.

Key benefits

  • Shorter queues at tills
  • Cost and time savings for the venue
  • A reduction in the amount of paperwork involved

Help with management processes

Point of SaleMobile Connect streamlines a range of processes that take place in a typical venue. For example, it provides a host of applications relating to warehouse and storage management – such as inventory management; stock control; asset management; and the picking, packing and tracking of items. It also enhances a wide array of facilities management operations, with applications such as building maintenance and inspection; asset management and auditing; risk assessment; and safety and security inspections.

Key benefits

  • Automated processes that lead to fewer errors and increased efficiency
  • A reduction in the amount of paperwork involved
  • Lower costs and less cash tied up in unnecessary stock

Find out how we could make a difference at your venue - call us on 01928 718800 or email for more information.