Mobile Connect - Food

Spirit provides mobile enterprise solutions for a range of customers in different parts of the food industry. Our clients include food retailers, food packagers, manufacturers (such as bakeries, confectionery and drinks) and distributors.

Our customers’ needs

Many of these companies need a mobile enterprise solution that will address both their internal needs (in the factory, warehouse or retail outlet) and their requirements in the field (for distribution). Typical internal needs include devices that will help to streamline stock and warehouse management. Key external needs include tracking and proof of delivery.

Spirit’s solutions

Mobile ConnectA typical solution for the food sector will include suitable handheld devices (mobile computers / imagers / barcode scanners) combined with Mobile Connect™ software and device management software. The most common elements of the Mobile Connect™ software might include:

Software packages: ePoD / ePoC; Picking Packing and Tracking; Asset Management; Stock Control; Inventory Management.

Modules: Any / all, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Dashboard: Everything.

We are a Managed Services company – so a typical solution could include mobile hardware, software (including both applications and mobile device management software), and a hosted server environment. For hardware, we’ve formed partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers, so that we can always offer you the devices and accessories that are best for your company.

Partnership with Datalogic for the Food, Automotive and Supply Sectors

Read about our partnership to deliver to provide a range of application specific solutions.

Proof of Delivery

A popular package is electronic Proof of Delivery / Proof of Collection. This provides a useful tool for both the warehouse workers and the delivery driver. It enables them to capture all of the relevant information they need, from the loading of the vehicle to the point of delivery or collection of the products.

For example, for one of our customers, we provided a Windows Mobile HHT client and a web-based management portal, all integrated with Route Monkey scheduling optimisation software and the company’s own CRM system. The system also includes Co-Pilot sat nav software; Bluetooth printing on an A4 printer; MobiControl device management software; and Spirit’s Gold Managed Service.

The key benefits

By automating many manual data capture procedures in the warehouse and the field, our customers in the food sector benefit from:

  • Less paperwork and more efficiency
  • Fewer manual errors
  • Real-time updates (leading to quicker invoicing)
  • Faster processes and improved response times

Download these papers from Spirit and our Partners:

Case studies

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