Manufacturer product updates

Information on devices and software

This page lists announcements from our manufacturers related to products that we offer.

Please contact us if you require support to implement any of these updates.

Zebra Technologies

Date posted: 12 September, 2016

Zebra Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of two new innovative features available on selected new 2D imaging scanners (DS3608/DS3678)
• Multicode Data Formatting (MDF) – MDF enables a 2D imaging scanner to scan ALL the bar codes printed on a label with one trigger pull and then modify and transmit some or all of them to a host application.
• Preferred Symbol – Preferred Symbol is a bar code prioritization technique. If scanning a label with multiple barcodes, one or more barcode(s) can be singled out for decoding while excluding the others. With Preferred Symbol only one barcode is output per trigger pull.

Download the information sheet.

Samsung devices - Software updates related to MobiControl

Date posted: 22 August, 2016

This affects Samsung devices running MobiControl. There will be NO impact to existing installed APKs [applications] on existing devices regardless of new signature-verification FOTA upgrade.

But for re-installation or upgrade, re-signed APK is a mandatory to be used. New devices should also use re-signed APK. If the APK is NOT re-signed, there could be errors or crashes during re-installation/new Installation/upgrade on FOTA upgraded devices.

The versions of Mobicontrol affected are:

• SOTI MobiControl v9.x
• SOTI MobiControl v10.x
• SOTI MobiControl v11.x
• SOTI MobiControl v12.x - all MR's earlier than build (June 22, 2016)
• SOTI MobiControl v13.0 - all MR's earlier than build (April 20, 2016)
• SOTI MobiControl v13.1 - all MR's earlier than build (June 30, 2016)

There are two solutions to the issues with the update:
1) Update the Device agents (Which are backwards compatible with older versions)
2) Use the “Block Samsung Updates” package. This Blocks all system updates.

BarTender software updates

Date posted: 22 August, 2016

A new Windows security update appears to affect printing from BarTender.

After installing the August 9 updates, some users have reported that BarTender will print 2–3 jobs successfully but will exhibit errors when it tries to print more.

This issue appears to affect all versions of BarTender running on Windows 7 and later, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and later.

The BarTender development team is working directly with Microsoft to investigate this issue and find a resolution.

If you use BarTender in a production environment, be aware that installing the August 9 Windows updates may affect your ability to print reliably. Please assess your security needs carefully before deciding whether to uninstall or delay installing these updates.

If you have already installed the Windows updates, there are currently two workarounds for this issue. These are detailed at the BarTender Support Center.

The above link will always have the very latest information on this issue, including any new workarounds and the final resolution.