Barcode laser scanners

The most popular scanning technology

The barcode laser scanner is probably the most commonly used type of barcode reader.

A laser barcode scanner is used when there is a requirement to scan over a wide range of distances and over regular or irregular surfaces. A laser produces a narrow, cohesive and intensive beam of light. The beam is moved by essentially bouncing the beam against a rotating mirrored surface. This gives the effect of a band of narrow continuous light.

  • Typical Applications: Warehousing, manufacturing and retail
  • Advantages: Fast, ideal for long range barcode scanning
  • Disadvantages: Less durable and easy to break
  • Connectivity: Tethered, cordless, fixed-position
  • Barcode reading distance: 2cm to 5 metres
  • Barcode reading capability: Low, medium and high density codes, omni-directionally
  • Barcode Symbologies reading capability: 1D, and stacked linear (including PDF417).

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