Installation services

All of your installation needs from a single supplier

Our expert team can help you with all of your installation needs - including hardware, software and infrastructure.

We provide a single point of contact and a service of the highest quality.

System and product installations

Our team of qualified engineers provides the following services:

  • Wireless access point installation, including specialist housings
  • Specialist wireless access point antenna mounting
  • Tethered or cordless barcode scanners and base station installations
  • In-vehicle docking stations, modems, radio or GPS equipment installations

Other installation services are also available. All of our installation services are covered by our labour warranty. Post-installation product support is provided by our helpdesk services.

Managed services


Installations in vehicles and forklift trucks

If you need to mount your mobile computer hardware in a vehicle (e.g. a van or fork-lift truck), why not take advantage of our specialist vehicle installation service?

  • We will carry out a vehicle audit service at your site.
  • Our vehicle auditor will inspect your vehicles, identify the best and the safest mounting location and determine whether any customer mounting brackets or wiring are required.
  • We will produce a vehicle audit report, which includes photographs of the proposed mounting location.

Following the audit, the vehicle installation will be carried out onsite by our experienced engineers.