Infrastructure services

Optimising your wireless infrastructure

Spirit has a wealth of experience in implementing wireless solutions throughout the UK and Europe. We can offer expert advice on any wireless deployment.

We work with all of the leading suppliers of wireless solutions, including Cisco and Motorola.

Surveys and installations

A radio frequency (RF) survey is often vital before installing wireless network access points:

  • With wireless systems, it’s very difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and to detect the presence of interfering signals.
  • Walls, doors, lift shafts, people and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation. These can make the RF radiation pattern irregular and unpredictable.
  • An RF survey enables you to understand the potential behaviour of radio waves within a facility.

Our site survey is completely vendor-independent. It gives you a basis for comparing vendors’ prices and the design criteria for your wireless deployment.

Survey requirements

The aim of an RF site survey is to supply sufficient information to determine the optimum number and placement of access points. However, the need for and the complexity of an RF site survey will vary depending on the facility.

  • There must be adequate coverage (i.e. support for a minimum data rate to the required areas) throughout the facility. The survey can also detect interference from other sources that could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN (WLAN).
  • A small area (such as a three-room office) might not need a site survey, as a single access point within the office could provide adequate coverage. If there is RF interference from a nearby WLAN, this could be eliminated by choosing a different channel.
  • A larger facility (such as an office complex, apartment building, hospital or warehouse) will usually need an extensive RF site survey. Without this, there is likely to be inadequate coverage and poor performance in some areas.
Managed services


Survey deliverables

We use the latest professional wireless site survey software packages (such as AirMagnet) to sample the RF propagation under normal operational conditions. This enables us to determine the optimum position and settings of every wireless access point in line with your specific requirements.

Download the Infrastructure Services Datasheet

The survey covers all wireless technologies (802.11a/b/g/n). The sampled parameters include signal strength, signal quality, bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio. We provide a comprehensive, written Wireless Site Survey report, which includes:

  • The recommended optimal position of every wireless access point
  • The associated network and electrical cabling requirements
  • Maximum RF coverage for the minimum number of access points
  • A comprehensive risk assessment report
  • Installation requirements, including photographs

WLAN system health check

This preventative maintenance measure pre-empts any degradation in the performance of your WLAN. It is of particular benefit following:

  • The relocation of equipment
  • Alterations to the layout of your premises
  • The addition of mobile hardware
  • Changes in inventory type or level

The health check is usually undertaken annually and includes:

  • A full inspection and functional test of your system
  • A comprehensive check of your coverage areas to ensure that the performance of your wireless network still meets your requirements

Our detailed health check report covers topics such as: system layout and configuration, coverage areas, bandwidth, channel selection and recommendations.