Barcoding image scanners and readers

Digital camera to capture the barcode image

Barcode image scanners offer great value and high performance barcode scanning capability. Barcode imagers use digital camera technology to capture an image of the barcode for processing. There are two types of barcode imager reader:

Linear imager - for fast scanning of 1D bar-codes

2D imager - for fast scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes, including signature capture and image capture

  • Typical Applications: Industrial warehousing, manufacturing, retail and healthcare
  • Advantages: Durable, and able to read all 1D, 2D barcodes as well as capture signatures, images and OCR. Some products can also read directly etched barcodes.
  • Disadvantages: Poor performance in long range barcode scanning applications
  • Connectivity: Tethered, cordless, fixed-position
  • Barcode reading distance: 2cm to 1 metre
  • Barcode reading capability: Low, medium and high density codes, omni-directionally
  • Barcode symbologies reading capability: 1D, 2D, image and signature capture. Click here for more information
  • Download the comparison chart of Refrigerated devices

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