Finance solutions

A choice of funding to suit your budget

Spirit provides a range of flexible finance packages designed to meet your business needs.

Our competitive leasing deals can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Finance packages

Our selection of finance packages range from one to three years (for amounts over £500) and typically involve monthly or quarterly payments.

  • Finance leases – You lease the equipment over a three year period. If you then want to continue to use it, you can negotiate terms with us. The lease is 100% allowable against tax. 
  • Technology management financing – With this option, you can replace equipment or add new items at any point during the term of the lease.
  • Managed service – The agreement is between you and the supplier (with the leasing company acting as a go-between). It includes full service and support and payments are made from your revenues, not your capital budget.
Managed services


Other options include:

  • Pilot programme rentals
  • Technology swap financing
  • Independent operator finance programmes
  • Rent-to-own programmes

Credit checks can be completed online and approved within 20 minutes.

Key benefits

By setting your leasing costs against tax, a finance package can be cheaper than buying - Download an example from one of our partners.

Other benefits of a finance package include:

  • It conserves your equity
  • It reduces the need for loans
  • It overcomes the lack of capital budget
  • It provides obsolescence protection

Contact us to discuss your planned purchases and your finance needs and for a no-obligation quotation.