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ATEX certified devices

ecom instruments is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable mobile computing devices such as tablets, smartphones and handheld computers.

Working in partnership with some of the biggest names in the industry including Samsung, Intermec and Sonim, ecom have been bringing cutting edge technology to hazardous areas for over 25 years.

ecom’s range of devices are being used by leading companies around the world in oil and gas refineries, chemical plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to help significantly cut down on paperwork, enabling engineers and operators to complete work faster.

Whether you are looking for intrinsically safe RFID or barcode reading technology, an ATEX certified handheld computer or an ultra-rugged smartphone, ecom’s range of devices have the idea device for you. Find out more about ATEX here

With ecom’s ATEX Certified devices you can:

  • Increase worker efficiency thanks to improved communication and data transfer capabilities
  • Exchange data in real-time, enabling quicker and more accurate decision making
  • Empower hazardous area workers with access to emails, contacts and data while on the move
  • Significantly reduce the overall cost of operations thanks to consistent data and therefore a reduced risk of unexpected shutdowns

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