The keys to a more effective mobile solution

Communication plays a vital role in any business. A good enterprise mobility solution will enhance all aspects of communication for your mobile workforce, maximising their effectiveness.

Up to date information - Mobile communication gives workers access to real-time data.

Greater flexibility - They can enjoy the benefits of GPS navigation and other mission-critical applications whilst on the move.

Increased cost-effectiveness - Mobile communication will ultimately boost their productivity and efficiency, whilst reducing your costs.

Mobile ConnectExperienced in excellence

Our consultants have an excellent understanding of mobile communication technology and can help you to select the best solution for your organisation. They will design and recommend communication strategies that meet all of your needs in terms of speed, cost, performance and security.

The solution that we recommend will be based not only on advanced technology but also on maximising the use of your existing infrastructure wherever appropriate. This will reduce any implementation costs and will improve the return on your investment.


Consolidated communication

Here are just three examples of how our solutions can help you to gain the optimum results and return from your communication solution:

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - This allows your rugged PDA to use a wireless infrastructure so that it can be used as a phone without a monthly mobile phone contract.
  • Push to Talk (or Push to Experience) - This allows your rugged mobile device to act as a ‘two-way radio’, using communication over a wireless network. It also offers other benefits, such as a ‘panic button’ and instant messaging capabilities.

Integration and implementation

Integration with existing corporate systems is another key aspect of an effective enterprise mobility solution. Unless this is carried out carefully and professionally, a lot of time and money will be wasted and the full benefit of the solution won’t be realised.

Our expert consultants have an in-depth understanding of the features of a mobile platform and of how it can be integrated with new or existing corporate systems. If you're considering a bespoke mobile application or a software platform such as Sybase, Syclo's SMART Mobile Suite or Oracle, they can ensure that the implementation is as simple and smooth as possible.