Business consultancy

The keys to a more effective mobile solution

Understanding how a mobile IT solution can affect your bottom line is the key to maximising your investment.

Organisations all over the world are discovering the benefits of mobile workforces. However, mobile workers need to be able to constantly access and update their systems in real time. Mobile IT solutions enable them to do this – and are also the key to enhancing your mobile workers’ performance and productivity.

Identifying the needs

  • Whether your organisation is exploring how to incorporate mobility into your IT strategy or you already have a well-established plan, your mobile solution needs to fit how you want to work (rather than how you currently work).
  • Although technology is very important, it isn’t the only element of a complete mobile solution.
  • To be fully effective, the solution also needs to take into account the ways in which you work, and to explore the potential for more efficient and more productive processes.

Understanding your requirements

Spirit has over 20 years’ experience within the mobile data capture industry.

  • Our experienced consultants will work alongside you so that they can gain a complete understanding of your business needs and mobile computing requirements. This will enable them to assess the potential impact of mobile solutions in different areas of your business.
  • They will then show you how significant savings can be made and how you can achieve a rapid return on investment.
  • They will devise a solution that meets your precise needs, and will make a series of recommendations relating to the different elements involved. They will also help you to plan the business changes needed to deliver results from mobile technologies.

For more specialist needs, our Technical Consulting and Development team can customise your mobile solution. They can also develop a bespoke solution from scratch. They will work with your IT personnel and/or your suppliers to integrate your existing operational systems into your wireless data solution.

Managed services


Making a difference

  • We pride ourselves in delivering systems that really make a difference.
  • Our dedicated Project Managers and Consultants will help your Operational Managers to understand the new technology and to define new work practices that will maximise your investment.
  • They will also help you to develop, document and optimise your new working procedures, and will provide the relevant training and reviews.

Here is a brief overview of our consultancy services:

1. Business consultancy

Feasibility study

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Benefits Analysis

Mobile solution design

  • Hardware Selection
  • Software Selection
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Management
  • Integration with corporate systems

2. Project management

Solution implementation

  • Installation and Configuration
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Technical and Performance Solution Testing
  • Small Scale Pilots


  • Hardware Provisioning


3. Technical consultancy

Wireless LAN Site Surveys and Installations
Wireless LAN System Health checks
Installation Services