BECVoice-directed warehouse solutions

Hands-free order picking that saves time and money

An increasing number of companies are exploring the benefits of new voice technology solutions, especially in the areas of warehousing and distribution. For instance, businesses from a wide range of sectors now use voice-directed picking technology in the warehouse.

What is voice-directed picking?

With voice –directed picking, a user profile is created for each warehouse worker. They are then given spoken commands through a mobile voice terminal and headset. These instruct them how to proceed at each stage of the job. This helps to reduce training times, decreases the need for paper and labels and frees employees to work ‘hands and eyes free’.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using this new technology include:

  • An impressive return on investment (RoI)
  • Increased productivity and less paperwork
  • Higher picking accuracy

In a large warehouse environment, voice-directed technology can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Solutions offered by Spirit

Spirit distributes the eSmart® Voice-directed warehouse system from BEC. This can communicate in real time with the business host system and other warehouse functions. It links directly to your ERP system and ensures maximum visibility of transaction data.

For more information about eSmart® Voice, please visit or call Spirit on 01928 718800.

Automated warehouse operations

Automation plays a key role in the streamlining of stock movements. Without efficient inventory control, it can be difficult to meet customer orders or plan production properly. An effective application will enhance business process and increase the throughput of items.

What is automated data capture?

A good data capture system will provide accurate information on all of your warehouse processes, and will improve stock visibility, enabling you to respond to customer order enquiries in real-time. As inventory transactions are fully traceable from receipt through to despatch, you can make reliable decisions based on real stock levels, reducing the need for surplus stock.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of warehouse automation and real-time data capture include:

  • Increased stock accuracy, efficiency and productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Less paperwork and administration

Solutions offered by Spirit

Spirit distributes eSmart® Warehouse from BEC, which uses rugged mobile data capture technology to automate key warehouse processes. This provides real-time validation of all transaction data, enabling you to manage your warehouse more effectively. With additional support for performance monitoring, you can scrutinise efficiency, utilisation and productivity across the warehouse and can even view the progress of individual pickers.

For more information about eSmart® Warehouse, please visit or call Spirit on 01928 718800.



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