Specialist barcode applications

UV & IR barcode reading

UV (ultra-violet) and IR (Infra-red) printed barcodes are becoming a popular method of adding security marks to products and documents.

The Ultra Violet and Infra-red illumination and enhanced optics are able to see the 'invisible' bar code marks printed with UV fluorescing inks. The pharmaceutical and automotive industries use UV inks to mark items which are only illuminated in Ultra Violet 'Black Light'.

Indata Systems

Spirit Data Capture is the European Distributor for Indata Systems. InData Systems is the world leader in covert bar code reading, with over 20 years as an expert in reading Direct Part Mark bar codes of all kinds. The bar code security industry is rapidly growing to provide solutions for product authentication, product tracking, traceability and more. Covert, or marks that are invisible to the eye, provide opportunities to ensure security protection for countless needs. With patents for covert light delivery systems, InData Systems is an expert when it comes to dealing with your covert bar code reading needs.

UV Barcode


Indata scanners


UV and IR scanners are available as stand alone scanners or integrated within rugged PDA's and handheld computers.

For more information please read the InData white paper (PDF pdf).