Barcode printing and printing consumables

Overview of our print solutions

There are a wide range of high performance barcode label printing solutions now available to suit many different business applications. You can find more detail on printing topics below:

Factors to consider when selecting a barcode printing solution include; label format, media choice, printer durability, duty cycle, speed and memory requirements, software and connectivity.

Mobile printer


Printing technology options

Barcode label printers use thermal transfer or direct thermal technologies. Thermal transfer printers transfer heat from the printhead to the ribbon and then from the ribbon to the label media. Direct thermal printers use no ribbon, as the printhead comes into direct contact with the label media.

Thermal barcode printing offers consistent print quality, low material wastage and long-term low maintenance costs. The thermal printers can integrate quickly and easily into existing systems.

There are two main reasons for buying thermal printers:

  • Compliance - many companies are mandated to implement barcode technology
  • Business Improvement - including SAP deployment, networking printers and deploying mobile printers to save walk time between print jobs.
  • A typical example is in retail, where front of store applications for ‘shelf-edge labelling’ or ‘reduced to clear labelling’ requires the use of a mobile printer on the belt, to save time trawling back & forth to the printer in the back office.

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